SAP will be unavailable when load shedding or power failures occur, networks go down, or when dedicated system time has been requested.


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From To Reason Code


From To Reason Code
10/06/2022 (17h00) 11/06/2022 (18h00) To process the 2021 post-audit second-year end. Not avail
27/05/2022 (15h00) 31/05/2022 (10h00) System upgrade Not avail*
27/03/2022 (08h00) 27/03/2022 (17h00) Software integration Not avail
12/02/2022 (08h00) 12/02/2022 (11h00) Certificate maintenance Not avail
06/01/2022 (12h00) 11/01/2022 (08h00) Year-end processing Not avail
04/06/2021 (17h00) 07/06/2021 (08h00) To process the 2020 post-audit second year end Not avail
28/05/2021 (15h00) 01/06/2021 (10h00) SAP upgrade Not avail
07/01/2021 (12h00) 12/01/2021 (08h00) Year-end processing Not avail
To process the 2019 post-audit second year end Not avail
SAP Support Enhancement Pack implementation Not avail
08/01/2020 (12h00) 13/01/2020 (08h00) Year-end processing Not Avail
23/08/2019 (16h00) 23/08/2019 (20h00) BEST Upgrade Not Avail
07/06/2019 (16h00) 10/06/2019 (08h00) To process the second 2018 year SAP FM Not Avail
31/05/2019 (15h00) 04/06/2019 (11h00) SAP Support Enhancement Pack implementation Not Avail
22/03/2019 (15h00) 25/03/2019 (10h00) Upgrade of SUSE LINUX operating system on SAP Production server Not Avail
09/01/2019 (12h00) 14/01/2019 (08h00) Year-end processing Not Avail



  • Down: Unscheduled Downtime (crashes, system hanging)
  • Not Avail: Scheduled Downtime (pre-arranged system unavailability)
  • Degraded: Unscheduled Downtime of peripheral service (e.g. network, R3print)
  • Not Used: Scheduled Downtime that was not needed
  • Cancelled: Scheduled Downtime cancelled

* Note that the above applies to SAP PRD. In addition, Employee Self-Service (ESS) and Manager Self-Service (MSS) via Fiori will remain unavailable until Friday 3rd June 2022 (10:00 a.m.)