What’s in the box?

When you receive the phone, check that the box includes the following contents (numbered according to the diagram):



  1. Polycom VVX310 Phone
  2. Handset and cord
  3. Power cable
  4. Network Cable
  5. Phone Base
  6. Ferrite Clamp

If any of the components are missing, please contact the IT Helpdesk to request assistance.

You may also find a quick assembly guide booklet in the box. Do not follow those instructions. Rather follow the steps covered in this article.


Step 1: Connect the cables



  1. Unplug the network cable from your computer and connect it to the phone’s LAN socket (as shown in step 1 above).
  2. Take the supplied black network cable and plug it into the phone’s PC socket (as shown in step 2 above). Add the ferrite clamp to this point of the cable, then plug the other end in to your computer.
  3. Take the supplied handset and connect the chord to the phone’s handset socket (as shown in step 3 above).
  4. Take the supplied power adapter and connect it to the phone’s power socket (marked DC 48V – as shown in step 4 above).
  5. Switch off your wall plug, then plug the phone’s power adapter in to the wall plug.


Step 2: Install the phone and its base



Step 3: Sign into Microsoft Teams

  1. Select Sign In.
  2. Select Sign In again to display the login URL and code again. Note that the phone will generate a different Pair Code each time you sign in.
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts, and sign in with your UCT credentials and password.
  4. On a laptop or computer, visit https://aka.ms/siplogin .
  5. Enter the Pair Code from the phone, then click Next.
  6. Enter your staffnumber@wf.uct.ac.za. (Note that a message on screen will say that you're signing in to a Teams SIP Gateway in Netherlands or Ireland. This is normal, as there is no gateway in South Africa.)
  7. Enter your UCT password, then complete the UCT multi-factor authentication using the authentication app on your phone, or the code sent to you via SMS.
  8. Accept the prompt to sign into the SIP Gateway, then click Continue.
  9. Your phone will reboot twice before you can use it.
  10. Upon successful sign-in, a message in your web browser will confirm that you've signed into the Teams SIP Gateway.
  11. Your Polycom phone will now display your telephone number, including the international dialing code (e.g. +27216501129).


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