If you’re away from your office or your office phone is offline (e.g. during load shedding), Skype for Business can forward calls from your work phone to your mobile, home or other number.

  1. In the bottom left corner of the Skype for Business window, click
    Call forwarding
     Call Forwarding.
  2. Select your preferences from these options:
    • Turn Off Call Forwarding:
      Calls will ring on your work phone only; they will not be forwarded at all.
    • Forward Calls To:
      Calls will not ring on your work phone; they will be immediately forwarded to an alternate number that you specify.
    • Simultaneously Ring:
      Calls will ring on both your work phone and an alternate number.
  3. Next, decide what will happen when you don't answer calls.
    • Click click
      Call forwarding
       Call Forwarding and select Call forwarding settings.
    • Specify where Unanswered calls will go to (e.g. voicemail or another number).
    • Enter a time in Ring for this many seconds before redirecting.
    • Click These settings will apply and choose whether the settings will apply at all times or during work hours only.