Who can use Skype for Business?

Any UCT staff member who has access to an IP phone or to a headset with a microphone can use the software, as long as they’re using a Windows or Mac computer. Skype for Business isn’t available for Linux computers.

How secure is Skype for Business?

All the information in your Skype for Business account is encrypted, which means that no unauthorised person can access your information. Others can only access your information if they have your network password. Remember that it is against UCT policy to share your network password with anyone.

Why do we use Skype for Business? Lync worked just fine.

In 2015, Microsoft replaced Lync with their new product, Skype for Business, which is very similar to Lync. Skype for Business just looks slightly different, includes new emoticons and integrates with the public Skype directory.

I've always had my own, personal Skype account which I access via the 'normal' Skype client. Does Skype for Business replace this?

No. Your public (i.e. free) version of Skype, along with your personal Skype account, are not affected. Skype for Business is purely for your UCT work-related purposes and you'll sign in to it using your UCT login credentials. If you already have the public version of Skype installed and you now start using Skype for Business too, your desktop will display two Skype icons:

The Skype icon is a blue cloud with a white S in the middle

Skype and

The Skype for Business icon is a white cloud with a blue S in the middle

Skype for Business

When I search for contacts in Skype for Business, will the results be UCT staff only or anyone with a Skype account?

Skype for Business integrates with the worldwide, public Skype directory. So when you search within Skype for Business, it will search the entire Skype directory - including people outside of UCT. You can then interact with these people using any of the available methods - instant message, voice call, video call, etc.

Can I use Skype for Business on my mobile device?

If you're using an iPhone / iPad (iOS 8.0 or later), a Windows Phone (8.1 or higher) or an Android device (Android 4.0 or later), download the Skype for Business mobile app from your app store. If you're using earlier versions of these operating systems, install the Microsoft Lync 2013 app.

Those using the Lync app can interact with those using the Lync client, Skype for Business client and Skype for Business app.

Can I invite a non-Skype for Business user to a video conference call?

Non-Lync users can still participate in a video conference call as long as they have an Internet connection. Skype users can participate via Skype, while those not on Skype can join via a web browser.

My guest uses Skype My guest doesn't use Skype
  1. Give them your conference device’s IPT address.
  2. The device email address is normally displayed on the conference device home screen and may look something like this: ictsmobilevc@ipt.uct.ac.za
  3. They will use this as the address when they call you using Skype.
  1. In your Outlook calendar, click New Skype Meeting. This will include a meeting web link in the appointment.
  2. Your guest can then join the meeting by clicking the web link. They will participate via an online version of Skype for Business.
How do I save my instant messaging chats?

All your chats are automatically saved in the Outlook Conversation History folder.