Mailman decommission

What happens to my Mailman list?

Lists that have been used since 1 January 2021 will automatically be migrated to Microsoft 365 Groups, which will allow you to continue sending mail to your respective mailing list.

What must I do to have my mailing list migrated even if I never used it in 2021 but still want to keep it?

Please either log an online call with the IT Helpdesk or send an email to In your request, please provide a valid reason why the list is still required.

Will my mailing list email address change?

Your list’s email address will remain the same.

Will external contacts on my list still receive my emails?

All emails sent via your mailing list will be delivered to internal and external email addresses.

Will my archive of emails sent by Mailman also be migrated?

Unfortunately, your mailing list’s email archive will not be able to be migrated.

Will my UCT email-related redirects be impacted?

If you have redirects in place for emails that are sent via mailing lists, these should not be impacted.

Microsoft 365 Groups

How secure are Microsoft 365 groups?

Microsoft 365 groups are part of the Microsoft 365 suite, which means that you will need to log on with your UCT username and password to manage lists. If you’re a group owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your mailing list is protected and that only the relevant individuals have access to send to the mailing list.

How do I set up a new mailing list?

You can easily set up your group directly in Outlook using these instructions.

Who will be able to send to my mailing list?

The current senders will retain their rights to send to the mailing list. Permissions can also be set via Groups in the Outlook Home tab. This includes moderation and rejecting emails that are not suitable for sending to the group.

How do I disable reply-all?

The reply-all feature is disabled by default.

How do I change my Microsoft 365 group settings?

Edit group settings directly in Outlook.

  1. Click the Home tab > Group Settings > Edit Group.

  2. Make the necessary changes and once done click OK.
How do I manage mailing list subscriptions?

You manage your groups directly in Outlook following these instructions. These instructions may be used to add and remove internal as well as external members.

How do I delete mailing lists?

These instructions will help you remove groups that are no longer needed.

What information does group members have?

Team members can view all conversations (i.e., emails) that took place in the group, the calendar, files, as well as a OneNote section.

How many members can I have in my group?

You can have over 1000 members.

How do I see what emails have been sent via my mailing list?

Unlike Mailman, Microsoft 365 groups does not have an archive of messages sent to your mailing list. We would recommend creating a folder in your Outlook mailbox and storing all emails sent, in there.

Can I see a record of all Office 365 groups created at UCT?

No, you will only be able to see the groups that you’re a member of.

How do I monitor responses sent to my mailing list?

All emails sent to your group will appear in the group mailbox, which you can then respond to accordingly. Always ensure that you’re only responding to the email recipient and not the whole group.

When should I use Office 365 groups and when would Teams work better?

If your team or group prefers communicating via email, then Microsoft 365 Groups is the best option. If you have already set up a team in Microsoft Teams and are successfully collaborating and communicating with a group of people, then there is no need to create a group too.