Migrating website

Follow these steps to migrate an existing website onto UCT's Web Content Management System (CMS). This will ensure that your site is set up correctly. This means it will adhere to the UCT web standards and policies and that the people who will be working with the website will know how to use the content management system properly.

Sites already running on UCT's Web Content Management System (CMS) that require a complete overhaul or styling change do not need to follow this process. In most cases these changes could be applied and previewed on the current site and applied once approved. Alternatively, the site owner could request a copy of the existing site as a development site in order to make and preview changes.

Steps to follow:

  1. Familiarise yourself with the UCT web policies so that the site will comply with the standards and rules set out for running a website at UCT.

  2. Decide who will be working with the website. In most cases, several people will have access to your website. Some to make major changes and others to simply upload content.Make a list of all the people who will be making contributions to the website and decide what level of access and responsibility each person will require. Consult this guide and assign content management roles and responsibilities. All these stakeholders must make themselves familiar with the UCT web policies.

  3. Organise your website content and structure - review the structure and content of your current site and decide how it will be presented on the new website. We have drawn up this handy guide to assist you.

  4. Submit an application and book yourself on training
    • for a New Website - select Yes when asked Are you reworking an existing site?
    • for training, book yourself on the web CMS training courses (domain administrators will need to do the UCT Web Content Management System: Domain Administrator workshop in addition to the standard UCT Web Content Management System - Foundation course, which all users will need to do).
  5. Once this is done:
    • A formal request for website migration will be opened.
    • A call will also be assigned to the ICTS training team to set up training for your content managers.
  6. Complete your training – you must attend a training course before your website will be built. For future reference, you can access the training manuals which provide step-by-step instructions on how to use the platform, here:
  7. Migrate your website
    • You will be notified that your new website is ready.
    • If your site is less than 30 pages in size migrate your site to the Drupal platform as instructed in the training course.
    • If your site is greater than 30 pages in size, it will be migrated for you by CMD.
  8. Complete the website activation application
    • When you have finished uploading your content, you must log a call to submit a Website deactivation and/or activation application.
    • Once this has been processed, your website will go live on the Internet.

  9. Ensure that your site is maintained and supported.
    • Ensure that your content management team continues to maintain your website to ensure that your content is always current.
    • Should you encounter any technical issues with the website that you are unable to solve or if you decide that you would like additional functionality, please log a call with the IT Helpdesk