Laptop collections will take place 4th, 7th and 8th February at the UCT Sports Centre on Upper Campus.  It is important to note that only students who have bookings will be allowed to collect their laptops at the scheduled date and time.  

What you need to do 

  1. Make your booking at and select a suitable date and time to collect your laptop. 

  1. Click Begin Registration and complete the relevant fields. Click Register

  1. On the day of collection, ensure that you have your South African Identity Document or your passport with you. You will also need to show the QR code/serial number that was issued to you on PeopleSoft. We therefore recommend that your mobile phone is charged as you will need to complete additional PeopleSoft tasks during collection. 

  1. Go to the UCT Sports Centre and indicate that you’re there to collect your UCT laptop. 

Opt in to receive a UCT laptop  

If you initially opted out of receiving a UCT laptop but now require one, please follow the steps outlined above. Upon collection, inform our consultants that you would like to opt in to the UCT Laptop Programme. They will then assist you with acquiring one.