Servicing officers help to keep the Governance Intranet updated. When uploading open committee information, servicing officers should follow these guidelines:


  1. Seven days prior to the meeting:
    Upload the agenda and all attachments to the committee folder.

  2. After the meeting:
    • Upload the confirmed minutes of the previous meeting.
    • Upload the draft minutes of this meeting, along with attachments, and distribute these items to committee members timeously.

When uploading documents

  • Remember to apply the correct content properties (committee name, meeting date, content type) as the system uses these to automatically create the standard file names.
  • If an attachment is not available electronically, upload a note informing users of this and specifying who they can contact for a copy of the attachment.
  • Check that a committee folder contains all historical information (i.e. agendas, minutes and attachments of all committee meetings) from the inception of the Committee as contained in the older open Governance system. If any of these are missing, upload them.