I need to conduct a video conference. Can ICTS help?

Yes. ICTS offers a video conferencing consulting and support service. Contact us to discuss your requirements and the options available to you.

What’s the quickest and cheapest way to set up a video conference?

As long as you have the basic equipment (all of which can be accommodated on a laptop), you can use Teams or other software-based video conferencing options.

How much does it cost to permanently install video conferencing equipment?

Costs will vary depending on your needs and the solution you choose. For example, will you require one screen or two? Do you need to record the conference or broadcast it via the internet? Read more about purchasing and installing video conference equipment, then contact ICTS for advice and a quote.

Before I conduct my video conference, is there a special way that I should set up my office / conference room?

Lighting, windows, colour and many other factors influence the quality of audio and video you transmit during a video conference. For detailed advice on optimum conditions, see: Venue considerations for video conferencing.

Can I use Zoom video conferencing at UCT?

UCT-licenced Zoom accounts are available, but these must be paid for by your department. However, the preference is that you rather use Microsoft Teams, as it doesn’t carry a cost (whereas Zoom licence fees apply). Teams is also better supported in our environment. To learn more, read: Zoom at UCT.