VSA RAMpage software

At UCT, details of calls to and from your office phone are recorded. When you make an outgoing call from your phone, the call details are logged and the cost is charged back to your department. The log records the date and time of the call, its duration, the originating extension and the number dialled.

Your department receives a Call Summary Report each month, which details these call logs. However, you can also view your call records using the VSA RAMpage billing system.

Access the system

When viewing call information, some historical records are not visible from the interface.

  1. If you are working remotely, please connect to the UCT VPN service.
  2. Navigate to https://vsarampage.uct.ac.za
  3. Ensure that the RAMpage option is selected above the text boxes.
  4. Log on using these details:
    • Username: staffID@wf.uct.ac.za
    • Password: If this is your first time using the system, leave this field empty. Alternatively, enter your VSA RAMpage password – which you previously set up.
  5. Click Logon.
  6. If this is your first time using the system, enter a new password. The password will apply to your VSA RAMpage account only. It does not affect your UCT network account password.
    • Enter your new password in both the New and Verify text boxes.
    • Click Apply.
  7. From the Home screen, use the system as required:
    • Use Dashboard to view summarised call information for each week.
    • Use Quick View to view your call records for a selected period.
    • Use Archive to view or print past reports of call records.
    • Use Password to change your password.
  8. When you’re done, click Logoff to exit the system.

In future, log on to VSA Rampage using your staffnumber@wf.uct.ac.za and the password you set for your VSA Rampage account.

Historical records

From the system interface, you can view records of calls made or received since 4th July 2016. If you need records for calls prior to this date, please log a call with the IT Helpdesk. Search for call report, then select Request a call report.

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