PowerPoint Essentials skills outline

PowerPoint Intermediate skills outline

Prerequisite: No previous experience with PowerPoint is required, but a good working knowledge of Windows is essential.

Prerequisite: Completion of PowerPoint Essential skills (Basic), or a very good working knowledge of PowerPoint.

Duration: 9 hours

Duration: 6 hours

Cost: R450 (UCT only) 
          R900 (external)

Cost: R300 (UCT only) 
          R600 (external)

Lesson 1: PowerPoint Essentials 

  • Work with an existing presentation 


Lesson 2: Presentation Basics 

  • Create a new blank presentation 

  • Save a presentation 

  • Use a template to create a presentation 

  • Add, delete, and organise slides 

  • Create a presentation using existing content 

  • Print a presentation 


Lesson 3: Working with Text 

  • Format characters 

  • Format lists 

  • Insert and format WordArt 

  • Create and format text boxes 

  • Use proofing tools 


Lesson 4: Design a Presentation 

  • Format presentations with themes and layouts 

  • Change slide backgrounds 

  • Insert date, footer, and slide numbers 

  • Link to web pages and other programs 

  • Work with sections 

  • Customise Slide Master


Lesson 5: Add tables to slides 

  • Create tables 

  • Import tables from external sources 

  • Modify table layout 

  • Format tables 

Lesson 6: Use charts in a presentation 

  • Build charts 

  • Modify chart type and data 

  • Modify chart elements 

  • Format a chart 


Lesson 7: Create SmartArt Graphics 

  • Add SmartArt to a Slide 

  • Modify SmartArt 


Lesson 8: Add graphics to a presentation 

  • Insert and format images 

  • Add shapes to slides 

  • Order and group shapes


Lesson 9: Use animation and multimedia 

  • Set up slide transitions 

  • Animate slide content 

  • Add media clips to a presentation 


Lesson 10: Secure and share a presentation 

  • Work with comments 

  • Incorporate reviewer changes 

  • Protect a presentation 

  • Prepare a presentation for distribution 

  • Export and save a presentation in different formats 


Lesson 11: Delivering a Presentation 

  • Adjust slide orientation and size 

  • Customise audience handouts 

  • Choose slides to display 

  • Rehearse and record a slide show 

  • Set up a slide show 

  • Work with presentation tools 

  • Package a presentation for CD Delivery