In his own small way, Garth Hector assists UCT students to achieve their dreams by helping them complete their studies, graduate and start working in the field in which they’ve studied. After nearly a decade of working in the labs, Garth still gets that satisfied feeling when a student says thank you for helping them to complete their assignment on time or for retrieving a document they thought they had lost.

Garth has been the Health Sciences Lab Administrator since 2008. Over the years he has established a good work relationship with Greg Doyle, the Health Sciences IT Education Manager.

The Health Sciences computing labs are separated by distance from the other campuses; so if a problem arises, Garth and his team need to try and resolve it as soon as possible as the students don't have other labs close by that they can access.

In addition to solving any problems that arise, Garth checks that the labs are ready for classes and oversees the booking system. He manages a team of two assistant lab administrators as well the 22 lab assistants who work shifts in the labs. He enjoys working with his team and mentoring them so that they can always give their best.

Overall Garth enjoys his job and hopes to find additional ways of working with and helping people in future. In the meantime, he will continue to assist South Africa's future doctors and physiotherapists so that someday soon they in turn will be able to help more people.