Third party system

Most faculties and departments have their own websites; the majority of which are hosted on the UCT Web Content Management System (CMS). The UCT CMS uses Drupal, an open-source software, which offers a flexible, yet stable platform for web publishing.

Web publishing is governed by three policies, which we encourage you to read. They are:

  1. UCT Web Content Management Policy
  2. Web Hosting Policy
  3. Domain Name Policy

Website creation

UCT’s official web content management system is Drupal 9. 

How do I create a website?

You will need to follow a set of procedures to create a website on the web CMS, which is outlined in the web creation article. We have put together instructions for setting up your website as well as useful guidelines for preparing your website. There are several purpose-specific hosting options at UCT, which you should investigate before deciding how to proceed with your website creation or migration.
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Blogging at UCT

UCT also runs a WordPress blogging platform on which staff and students publish blogs related to university activities. If you want to start a blog on this a user-friendly and intuitive system, all you need to do is log a call to have one set up for you.
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