Before joining UCT in the year 2000, Hilton says that he used to be very shy and quiet, but since becoming a lab administrator he has gained a lot more confidence and finds it easier speaking to people. This skill has come in handy when having to deal with students and staff on a daily basis.

Like some of the other lab administrators, Hilton also started off as an assistant lab administrator before taking up the position of lab administrator 10 years ago. In between managing the labs and ensuring that all the computers are up and running, Hilton manages the team of  lab assistants who come in after hours to assist students. This involves creating and managing staffing schedules to ensure that there is always someone available to assist students. Assistant Lab Administrator, Naeema Less, works with Hilton during the course of the day and can often be spotted in the labs assisting students or ensuring that they take proper care of the facilities provided in the labs.

When the opportunity arises, Hilton assists ICTS consultants with testing new software or systems. Software development has always been an interest of his and is something he would like to do at a later stage in his career.

Even though he has a lot on his plate and is often running between labs, Hilton says that he has found a balance between his work and home life, something that many don't achieve in a lifetime.

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