EndNote is one of the most comprehensive research data management tools currently available. This tool will simplify the research process by providing you with functionality to find, share, store and create your research and references.

You can install the software on your laptop or desktop and then sync it to your tablet so that you have access to your EndNote library wherever you may be.

Important: the EndNote installation file must be stored on a local drive on your device, and not in one that is backed up to cloud storage. If your folders are backed up to cloud storage, please follow these instructions when installing the software.


How can I get it?

  1. Navigate to the ICTS Downloads page.
  2. Click General.
  3. Click Staff/Student, depending on your role.
  4. Select your applicable operating system Apple/Linux/Windows.
  5. Click Applications.
  6. Click EndNote.
  7. Hover you mouse over the EndNote file and click the three dots (Show actions) that appear. Select Download.
  8. Navigate to the downloaded folder and open it. Extract all data if required and run the file.
  9. Complete the installation process.


Setting up devices that are backed up to cloud storage

These instructions are only applicable to those who back up their data to OneDrive. If you use an alternative cloud storage, please ensure that you temporarily prevent these files from backing up while installing EndNote.

  1. Select the OneDrive   icon in the Windows taskbar area in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  2. Select the Help & Settings icon   > Settings.
  3. On the Sync and backup page, select Manage backup.
  4. Clear all checkboxes to not back up your folders (temporarily) to OneDrive.
  5. Download and install EndNote using the How do I get it instructions above.
  6. Once the installation is completed, select the Help & Settings  icon > Settings.
  7. On the Sync and backup page, select Manage backup.
  8. Select all the folders to back up to OneDrive.
  9. Thereafter, to ensure that the EndNote folder/library is not backed up in future, select the Help & Settings  icon > Settings.
  10. On the Sync and backup page, select Account in the left column, and then Choose folders.
  11. Clear all the folders (including the EndNote folder) to no longer be backed up to OneDrive. Click OK.

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