In early 2020, Microsoft made changes to the voicemail system in use at UCT, migrating from the previous Unified Messaging platform to a new service called Microsoft Cloud Voicemail. As a result, please familiarise yourself with the new procedures in place relating to your UCT voicemail.

Missed calls

When you miss a call, you will continue to receive an email notifying you of the call. You will also see a missed call notification in the Skype for Business Conversations tab . The notification will remain visible until you access the Conversations tab and double-click the missed call.


When a caller leaves you a voice message, you can access the message in these ways:

  1. Open the notification delivered to your UCT email address. The email includes the voicemail message.
  2. In Skype for Business, navigate to  Phone, then look at the VOICE MAIL section:
    • Hover over the relevant caller’s icon , then from the resulting options, click   Play.


    • Click 
       See Voice Mail Options > Call Voice Mail. Wait for the voice prompts, then click  Call Controls and select the option to listen to voice mail.

Remote checking of voicemail to be discontinued

In the past, you were able to access your voicemail from other UCT phones, or non-UCT phones, by dialling 021 650 8999 and entering your voicemail PIN number. Going forward, this service will be discontinued, and you will no longer be able to access your voicemail from other phones.

All voicemail – including older messages – is now accessible directly from Skype for Business.