Effective date of the policy:

September 2010

Last updated:

January 2016

Policy owner:

ICTS: Systems Division, Systems Access Team

Policy approved by:

SAP Operations Group (SOG)


Systems Access Team
Email: icts-systemsaccess@uct.ac.za
Tel: (021) 650 5257

Table of contents

This policy ensures clarity around the key roles involved in TST refreshes and ad hoc requests.



Computing Platforms
UCCC University Computing Co-ordinating Committee
SA Systems Access
SOG SAP Operations Group
SAP System, Applications and Products  in Data Processing
SD Systems Division
SPI Support Package Implementation
TST Test version of SAP
Applicable to

This policy is intended for the SA, SD SAP Support and CP teams. All TST users and external consultants may refer to the policy if necessary.

Policy details

TST scheduled refreshes



TST will be refreshed after pay run (where possible) at the scheduled timeframes below:

  • January: Directly after year-end
  • June / July: After second year-end (can be after pay run)
  • November: End of November for year-end testing from 1 December (This is only applicable if TST is used for testing)
  • SPI Upgrade: Before and after upgrade

Confirmation is required with the relevant team members for their availability to perform the required functions.



All TST users will be notified 48 hours in advance and given an opportunity to object to the refresh (with valid reasons).

  1.3 If no response is received, it will be assumed that there are no objections and the refresh will proceed.
  1.4 If there is a valid reason to delay the refresh, the Director: SD has been authorised to take the decision on behalf of the committee after consultation with SOG members and all TST users will be notified.
  1.5 HR executes the pay run by the latest the 21st of each month or earlier, depending on when payday falls


Urgent ad hoc refresh requests

  2.1 If the request is urgent, the Director: SD has been authorised to take the decision on behalf of the committee after consultation with SOG members.
  2.2 The Director: ICTS must be informed of the emergency maintenance.
  2.3 If there is an urgent request for maintenance TST refresh during normal or outside of normal working hours, the Director: SD, may at his/her discretion, reduce the time period required for TST users to confirm the urgent request.


Projects requesting TST refreshes



The project manager must submit the proposed refresh dates to the SOG committee for approval.



The project manager must inform the SA team of the dates approved by SOG a minimum of five days before the proposed refresh.


The SA team must inform all TST users of the approved refresh / emergency maintenance dates. If no objections are raised, the refresh will proceed.

  3.4 An email reminder must be sent to all TST users 48 hours before the refresh.




All TST refreshes must be communicated to users at least two days in advance via the following media:

  • email
  • system message on SAP TST

The following individuals must be copied on all the TST refresh communication: