What are the phone numbers for UCT?

For a list of campus, security and emergency numbers, see Useful numbers. For the university-wide phone directory, access the UCT White Pages.

Can I make private calls from my office phone?

When you use your office phone to make a call, the call details are logged and the cost is charged back to your department. Your department may allow limited personal calls (e.g. one short call a day to a spouse / partner). Check your department’s policy on private calls for more information.

To make more extensive personal calls, use a Telkom World Call Card. See: Private calls.

Where can I get a list of calls made by my office phone?

When you make an outgoing call from your phone, the call details are logged and the cost is charged back to your department. The log records the date and time of the call, its duration, the originating extension and the number dialled. See Access your UCT phone records for more information.

How do I use the Polycom phone?

See Using your Polycom phone. Alternatively, download the Polycom VVX310 quick start guide.

Will my Polycom phone work during load shedding or a power failure?

No. Your Polycom phone requires electricity and a network connection to operate. However, if you use the Microsoft Teams mobile app, you can use your smart phone as a portable version of your office phone – even when the electricity fails or the network is down.

Can I join a teleconference via my Polycom phone?

Yes. Simply pick up the handset and dial the conference number (as provided by the conference host). You can then join the teleconference from your Polycom handset.

However, if you want to host a conference, you'll need to use Microsoft Teams. Teams enhances the teleconference process by letting you add video, instant messaging, file sharing and screen sharing to the call.

I’ll be out of the office for a day. Can I forward my calls to another number?

Yes. Set up call forwarding either via your Polycom phone or via Microsoft Teams.

Why won’t my office phone dial cell numbers? How can I get this unlocked?

When you apply for your UCT phone, your application will specify what types of calls you can make (e.g. UCT internal only; local; national; cellular; international). Your manager may have already decided this for you before you started work.

If you need to make once-off calls outside of your dialling plan, you can make a private call. However, if you need to permanently change your dialling plan, log a call with the IT Helpdesk: Phone and Communications Services > Telephone Services > Change dialling plan.

What kind of headset should I get?

The type of headset depends on a number of factors, including the privacy of your office environment and the number of calls you make and receive. For more information, as well as headset options, see: Headset recommendations.