Many people use Microsoft Teams while working remotely, taking advantage of its instant messaging and video conferencing capabilities. However, you can also use Teams to make phone calls.

What if I need to call someone outside of UCT?

In the course of UCT-related work, if you need to make a call to an external number, please use the Microsoft Teams call functionality.

Using this platform, you can use your UCT extension to dial both UCT numbers and external numbers – including local, national, international, and mobile numbers. Note that the types of numbers you can dial will depend on your UCT dialling plan. For example, some extensions can dial national numbers, but cannot dial mobile or international numbers. If you need to change your dialling plan, you can apply to do so via the Service Portal

Available via computer or mobile app

Microsoft Teams allows you to use your UCT extension as if you were in the office. You can use it on your computer or laptop, or if you’re on the go, you can also install the mobile app. This ensures that you always have access to your UCT extension – as long as your mobile phone has access to WiFi or mobile data.

Calls are charged to your department

Please note that you should not use your UCT extension to make private calls, except when your department allows limited personal calls (e.g. one short call a day to a spouse / partner). Check your department’s policy on private calls for more information.

As was the case back in the office, calls made from your UCT extension are charged back to your department. The UCT call logging system keeps a log of the date and time of calls, call durations, the originating extension, and the numbers dialled. Your department receives a Call Summary Report each month, which details these call logs. Alternatively, you can view your own call records via UCT's phone billing system.

No phone, no problem

Whether you're working remotely by choice or by necessity, it’s essential to keep in touch when working off campus. By using Teams for much of your regular work as well as for phone calls, you can stay connected to your UCT extension no matter where you’re based.

For assistance on setting up or using Microsoft Teams, log a call with the IT Helpdesk.

Do not forward calls to cellphone numbers while working remotely

With the advent of remote work in 2020, ICTS found that several departments were receiving unreasonably high monthly phone bills. Upon investigation, it was found that this was due to their staff members following incorrect procedures to manage their extensions remotely: they were forwarding calls from their UCT extensions to their cellphone numbers. So, whenever someone called their UCT extension, the UCT phone system would then forward this to their cellphone. The customer would then receive the call on their cellphone, not knowing that their UCT extension was being charged for a cellular call – hence the high bills. Once they cancelled the call forwarding and started using the proper systems, their bills were dramatically reduced.

Therefore, if you are working remotely and want access to your UCT extension, please install the Microsoft Teams mobile app and operate your extension via the app. Please do not forward calls from your extension to your cellphone number, as this will result in a cellphone charge on your extension.