To help ICTS service your request effectively, please ensure that you comply with the following prerequisites:

  • Fulfil the fundamental customer responsibilities.
  • For allocating a static IP address and updating the DNS, provide the correct MAC address and hostname.
  • For installing or moving a network point or wireless access point:
    • Provide fund number, cost centre, exact physical location for the installation of a network point.
    • Provide authorisation from the fund holder.
  • Allow ICTS to conduct a site survey before a wireless access point is installed.

Availability for LAN sites

The UCT network from the central data centres to the connection point (building switch) in each UCT building on Upper, Lower and the Medical Campus is available 98% of the time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week excluding official monthly maintenance windows.

Service request Service level target (working days)
Installing or moving a network point Completed in 10 days
Allocating a static IP address Completed in 2 days
Updating the DNS Completed in 2 days
Fixing a fault with network access Response within 1 day
Installing a wireless access point Response within 2 days
Conducting a wireless survey Response within 2 days

Read the Core SLA FAQ for a detailed definition of Availability.