What is a third party?

A third party is neither a UCT staff member (T1, T2 and T3 contract staff and permanent staff) nor a registered student, but someone who requires access to one or more of UCT’s facilities for a limited period (typically not exceeding six months). (See examples of third parties.)

Which UCT facilities can a third party use?

There are different types of third parties, each getting access to services needed to fulfil their functions at UCT. For details, see the UCT role model for third parties.

I have a visitor, but they only need WiFi access. Must I register them as a third party?

No. If your guest is visiting UCT for a few days only, and requires nothing other than WiFi and internet access, don’t register them as a third party. Instead, register them for Guest WiFi Access.

Who can register a third party?

UCT staff members may use the Third Party System to register third party details and request access, which their HOD or line manager must approve.

How do I register a third party?

Follow these instruction to request access for a third party.


Our new staff member faced administrative delays so we registered them as a third party so that they could start working. What do we do once they become official staff members? 

Once the person starts using their UCT staff account (i.e. with a staff number and not a T-number), the person who requested that third party account must log in to the Third Party System then expire that account.

I have sent through a BAS03a form. How do I know if the third party has been registered?

Log in to the Third Party System to check the status of the third party request. Alternatively, contact Access Control.

What does a third party do when they arrive on campus?

A third party needs to get an access card, along with several other tasks – depending on the access they’ve been granted. For details, see Third Party System: procedures for applicants.

How does the third party log on to the network? What is the username and password?

Your username and temporary password will be sent to you. Log on to the network using these details.

Our third party has arrived, but their personal details or access requirements are incorrect. How do we fix this?

Ask your department’s Third Party System administrator to update the third party’s details or access.

Does a third party's access expire? If so, how do I renew the access?

A third party’s access is only valid for the period specified in the application - or up to a maximum period of six months. To renew access, log into the Third Party System and extend the third party's access.

What must be done if a third party leaves earlier than their originally planned departure date?

On the day the third party leaves, the person who requested that third party account must log in to the Third Party System then expire that account.

Our previous Third Party System administrator is leaving our department. How do we manage the accounts of third parties our department is still hosting?

Log into the Third Party System, search for the third party, then manage their account as needed.