What happens if I close my screen?

If your laptop is set to sleep mode, the copying process will continue. However, if your laptop is set to power off network connections, then the process will stop and all content that has not finished copying will be lost.

What happens if I lose internet connection?

You need to ensure that you have a stable internet connection, especially if you’re on Windows and copying content from the F: network drive. If you lose connectivity your files cannot be copied across and everything that has not yet copied will need to be copied again to OneDrive. However, if these files are already saved on your computer they will be queued to continue copying once connectivity is restored.

What is the best time to copy files?

Depending on the size of your F: drive we would recommend copying it at the end of the day or when you are not scheduled to attend meetings.

It is also advisable that if your F: drive is quite big, that you copy content in batches instead of everything in one go.

Can I pause the copying process?

If you’re copying content from a network drive to OneDrive for Business, rather don’t pause the process because your files may not copy correctly. If you’re copying from a local folder, then you can pause the syncing process.

How do I know when the copying process is done?

The copy dialogue box will close, even though OneDrive for Business may sitll be syncing your content to the cloud.

I previously downloaded OneDrive for Business and now I don’t see the cloud icon in my system tray on my Windows device
If the icon doesn't appear in the notification area, OneDrive might not be running. Click the Windows Start button
 on your keyboard and enter OneDrive in the search box. Select OneDrive in the search results.
What if I lose connectivity while downloading the zip folder from NetStorage?

You will need to restart the process.

Will I be able to access my old F: network drive after the deadline?

Drives can be manually mapped by contacting the IT Helpdesk. This is not a permanent solution though as the F: drive will be decommissioned.