Hardware and software

Faculties and departments liaise with the ICTS Acquisitions services team to obtain advice, quotes and the purchase of new hardware and software. Payment is made using departmental fund and cost centres. UCT adheres to a hardware replacement policy whereby computer equipment it is either redeployed elsewhere at the university or disposed of according to a set of guidelines.

Some software is purchased by UCT under a site licence which allows for use by either all staff and students or for one or other of these groups.  In addition to site-licensed software, there is also free-to-use software and cost savings on software from the Adobe suite.

We also have special arrangements with Adobe allowing staff to purchase products such as Photoshop and Illustrator for significantly reduced prices. The Student Technology Programme offers hardware to staff at reduced prices as well and there are a range of laptops and tablets to choose from.

Hardware support

Learn about hardware support, asset management and hardware rental
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See what software is available on campus and how to get it
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Software testing

Find out why we test software and what we're currently testing
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Purchasing hardware and software

Contact our Acquisitions department if you need to purchase hardware or software
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ICTS Price lists

Check prices for the purchase, rental and disposal of goods and the rental of venues
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Software available to you for free or via site licence
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