UCT retirees have the option to continue using their UCT preferredname.surname@uct.ac.za email address for life via Outlook Web App.

Opt in required to have staff email for life

UCT's Human Resources (HR) department will send the HR145 Termination form to your line manager to complete in preparation for your retirement. Under the Staff Email for Life section, you will need to inform your line manager if you would like to retain access to your email address and mailbox after retirement.

If you select... Then...
Yes HR will submit your details to ICTS so that the necessary changes can be made in the Identity Vault. This will allow you to continue using your mailbox as normal once you have retired.
No You will no longer be able to access your mailbox once you leave. This will happen automatically at the end of your last day of employment.

Terms and conditions

  • This option applies only to UCT academic and PASS staff who are retiring.
  • This option doesn't apply to staff who retired prior to December 2015.
  • This option does not apply to staff who leave UCT's employment for any other reason other than retirement.
  • By completing the HR form your decision is final and no changes can be made once you have submitted the form to HR.

Things to check before you leave UCT

Depending on your role at the university, your line manager may require access to your mailbox after you have left. This discussion must take place before you leave UCT’s employment as there are limited things that your line manager can do once you have left. In order to make it easier for your colleagues to access your mailbox, we recommend that you check what intervention will be required from you before you leave.

It is worthwhile noting that your line manager will only be able to access your emails that you received while you were still employed at UCT. Any new emails that you receive once you have left will only be visible to you.

What happens once I leave UCT?

At the end of your last day, your staff account will be de-provisioned and you will no longer have access to any UCT systems. You will also no longer be able to access buildings by using your staff card. If you requested continued email access by completing the HR145 Termination form, you will navigate to https://www.outlook.com/owa/uct.ac.za and log on with your UCT username and password.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What will my email address be when I leave UCT?
    You can continue using your preferredname.surname@uct.ac.za email address.

  2. How do I change my password once I have retired?
    As a UCT retired staff member, you can continue to use Password Self-Service to change your password. If you experience any problems logging onto Password Self-Service, please log a call with the IT Helpdesk.

  3. Can I disable my account once I have retired?
    By selecting Yes on the HR form, you are agreeing to having email for life. You can however choose to ignore using this mailbox.

  4. Will I continue to receive emails from UCT once I have left if I said No?
    You will continue to receive UCT emails for about 90 days after you have left UCT. Thereafter your UCT profile will be permanently deleted, and you will no longer receive emails from auto-populated lists such as the allstaff-l mailing list. UCT does, however, reserve (and execute) the right to send emails as the preferred method for communicating with retired staff.

  5. Can I log a call with the IT Helpdesk if I experience issues with my Outlook desktop client?
    Unfortunately, as a retired staff member, you are not licenced to use the Outlook desktop client made available via the Microsoft Office suite. We therefore recommend that you access your mailbox online at https://www.outlook.com/owa/uct.ac.za.