What products are covered by this agreement?

The following software is available in terms of the Microsoft Campus Agreement (MCA):

  • Microsoft Office Pro Edition - includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Publisher
  • Microsoft Office Mac Edition
  • Core CALS (Client Access License)
  • Windows 32- & 64-bit Operating System upgrades

NOTE: According to UCT's MCA, the Windows Upgrade can only be used to upgrade an existing Windows Operating System (OS). You need a pre-existing, legal copy of the Windows OS for the computer that this software is being loaded onto. This also applies to loading Windows onto an Apple desktop/notebook as a dual OS system, i.e. you would first need to purchase a Windows OS licence in this instance.

What products are not covered by this agreement?
  • OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) versions of Operating Systems.
  • Server editions of software.
Who is entitled to load this software?

At work:

  • All UCT permanent staff with UCT-owned computers
  • All Joint Medical staff.
  • Computers in campus student computing labs, connected to the UCT network.
  • All UCT staff members who have a minimum of a T1 6-month employment contract.
  • Postdoctoral Fellows.
Who is not entitled to load this software?
  • Undergraduate students
  • Postgraduate students
  • Part-time staff who do not have at least a T1 6-month employment contract
  • 3rd party staff
  • Visitors
Can I use this software on my privately owned laptop or computer?

No, but you can make use of the Office 365 offer, which allows you to use Microsoft Office on up to 15 devices (students) and 15 devices (staff).