What is the UCT role model?

At UCT, your access to various facilities depends on your identity – are you a staff member, student or a third party? Underpinning this is the UCT Role Model – a set of principles that defines the various roles at UCT and the resources that members of each role are entitled to.

This assists back-end systems in automatically providing access rights to individuals when they arrive at UCT.

The UCT Role Model is under continuous review so it may change from time to time.

Definition of a staff member

A staff member is an individual who is employed at UCT, either as a permanent staff member or as a T1 or T2 contractor. There are numerous types of staff members:

Current staff members Occasional staff members
  • Academic staff member (permanent & T-contract)

  • PASS staff member (permanent & T-contract)

  • Staff member not paid by UCT (e.g. joint staff, paid by NHLS/ PGWC)

  • Emeritus Professor and Emeritus Associate Professor

  • Visiting academic staff member

  • Honorary academic staff member

  • Retired staff member

If you’re an ad hoc, paid-on-claim staff member (i.e. you’re not permanent and don’t have a T-contract), you are regarded as a third party.

Role model for staff members

Please visit the Service Portal Knowledge Base to see details of the facilities and services available to current and occasional staff members. Note that you will need to log in using your UCT credentials.