Hardware support

ICTS provides desktop hardware support for UCT-owned equipment purchased via the Acquisitions Services team. ICTS covers the cost of vendor liaison, services, replacement of faulty components, and repairs for a period of five years for hardware items that were purchased in consultation with ICTS.


The Acquisitions team is responsible for sourcing and purchasing of computer hardware, software and computer accessories and peripherals. They can also offer you advice on the best and most affordable solution to meet your needs and we ensure that all components conform and are compatible with the UCT standard and environment. A Supported Hardware list is available for you to view.


We offer various levels of support depending on the hardware and the circumstances surrounding any repairs that are required. Our Supported hardware policy will give you a full understanding of what we offer and the relevant terms and conditions. We do not offer data backup and restoration services for any computers that are brought in to the workshop; you are responsible for taking your own regular backups prior to equipment being brought in to ICTS. Full details regarding what we don’t support can be found in the Exceptions to the Supported Hardware policy.

Equipment rental

The acquisitions team runs the ICTS equipment rental service that allows you to rent several models of notebooks laptops and printers. 

Disposal of goods

Once your machine reaches a certain age and it is time for replacement, you will need to consult the Finance policy for the disposal of goods of goods over 5 years in order to facilitate the process of replacing your equipment. The Price list for disposal of goods older than 5 years will give you an idea of how to price the goods you are going to be discarding.

How do I get support?

Should you need assistance with UCT-owned hardware, please contact the IT Helpdesk by logging a call online, emailing icts-helpdesk@uct.ac.za or calling 021 650 4500.

Should you wish to place a hardware order, please contact the Acquisitions team on icts-acquisitions@uct.ac.za.

Note: ICTS does not provide hardware support for equipment purchased in your personal capacity or for UCT-owned equipment not purchased through the Acquisitions services team. You need to contact the vendor yourself for these types of repairs.