In the spirit of open governance, UCT publishes its committee and other governance documentation on an intranet. This central repository includes agendas, minutes, UCT policies and other documents - all of which are efficiently and transparently managed via the portal. The Governance Intranet falls under the directive and ownership of the Registrar's Office.

What can you use the Governance Intranet for?

  • Store and access committee documentation
  • Manage committees
  • Distribute documentation to committee members
  • Store and maintain UCT policies and Principal's Circulars
  • Find links to legislation referred to in policies

Who can use the documentation on the Governance Intranet?

Any UCT staff member may view any documentation from an open committee. However, where documentation is sensitive or confidential, a committee will be classified as "closed" and only those committee members may access this information. Learn more about the distinction between open and closed committees.

Non-committee members are free to communicate their comments on any aspect of a committee’s work to the Chair or any member of that committee. It is within the discretion of the committee Chair to invite the attendance and/or contribution of any non-committee member at a committee meeting.

Who updates the Governance Intranet?

To keep the Governance Intranet current, roles are allocated to users who update information on an ongoing basis:

  • Servicing officers upload committee information for open committees. (These servicing officers must follow several guidelines when updating content.)
  • Policy officers upload ratified policies.
  • The secretariat or servicing officers upload Principal's Circulars.

How to access and use the Governance Intranet

Your level of access will differ depending on your role. People with more involved roles can request in-depth training on how to use the Governance Intranet.

However, if you simply need to read documents from the portal:

  1. Go to https://governance.uct.ac.za and log on using your UCT username and password.
  2. In the top menu, select the type of UCT document you are looking for (Committees, Policies or Principal’s Circulars).
  3. Use the left hand menu to navigate to the relevant document.

Get help

Before seeking assistance, check the Governance Intranet online help site for information about your issue. If you still need help: