UCT uses Microsoft Teams - a powerful collaboration tool that allows you and your colleagues to collaborate on documents, send instant messages, and even hold online meetings or video conferences.


Find out how to install Teams, along with a basic guide to working with teams, channels, and more.


A quick setup guide, information about meeting recordings, and a guide to help you choose between meetings and live events.

Live events

How to set up and manage a live event.


Microsoft Teams webinars are a combination of standard meetings and live events.

Call functionality

UCT staff can now make and receive calls directly in Microsoft Teams.

Best practice guidelines 

Let our guidelines help you use Microsoft Teams effectively at UCT.

Learn about Teams

Attend our ICTS-led Teams info sessions and get access to various online courses that will equip you to make the most of the platform. View the ICTS Training channel for session recordings.

What's new in Teams

Stay updated of new releases and updates in Teams.

Teams at UCT 

Join this public team, which was created as a community of practice to ask and respond to questions, get more information and essentially learn from one another to make the most of your Teams experience. 

Use cases 

Find the case study relevant to you to learn how best to navigate Teams: Groups and committees; PASS staff; academic staff; teaching and learninglive events; research; vendor management; and projects.

A day in the life

Infographics giving you a quick idea of how people in different roles can use Teams to collaborate and communicate. Scenarios are available for Finance; Human Resources; IT Project Managers; Marketing; and Service Engineers.

Frequently asked questions

Get answers to common questions about meetings, live events, and other general aspects of Teams.