You are responsible for managing, backing up and storing your own data. There are several locations you can use to store data at UCT.

The F: (only available to UCT students) and G: network drives are the most suitable locations for important or confidential UCT documents as ICTS secures these drives and makes regular backups. You are the only person who can see what is saved on your F: drive, making it ideal to save your personal and confidential files. Folders on the G: drive can be allocated either to specific users or to teams. If you work with confidential information such as patient files or financial information, we recommend that you use the G: drive to save this information.

OneDrive for Business and Google Drive are alternative cloud storage solutions and each solution has its own security measures in place.

Data backups are important. Use more than one option to back up your data such as a combination of network drives, cloud storage and external hard drives. Ensure that you store the external hard drive in a safe place in a different location, as recommended in our data backup guide.

Data backups

Data backup isn't as complicated as you may think. In just five steps, you can ensure that your digital assets are safe and sound
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Network drives

Network drives provide safe, secure data storage at UCT. They're easy to use and are highly accessible
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NetStorage is available to UCT staff, third party members and students. It enables you to securely access your centrally stored network drives (e.g. F: and G: drives on the UCT cluster) from any off-campus location
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Cloud solutions

Store your documents and media files in one location online or share them with colleagues, students and contacts
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Send large files up to 100GB via the FileSender web-based service
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