Polycom phone CCX400

Message waiting indicator

The indicator light flashes red when you have pending voice messages. (Learn how to access your voicemail).

Line icons

Line icons indicate the status of your line:

  • Registered line  : Your phone is successfully connected to Microsoft Teams. You can make and receive calls.
  • Unregistered line  : Your phone is not registered on Microsoft Teams. You cannot make or receive calls until you sign in to your phone.
  • Voice mail: You have a voice message.

Soft keys

The soft key commands will be different depending on which feature you are using. The phone screen shows what each soft key does.

Line indicators

  • Flashing red: You missed a call, or you have voicemail.

Phone keys

phone icons

Using the keypad

The keypad is similar to that of a mobile phone. Keep the recommendations below in mind when entering text (e.g. your password):

  • Press the Encoding soft key, and then use the up/down arrows to select the applicable character style (upper case, lower case or numbers), then press  .
  • Press the relevant letter’s button on the keypad until the correct upper-case letter is displayed.
  • Press << soft key make a correction while typing.
  • Press the ?123 icon to use special characters. 

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