If you open your laptop and it does not work, it is defined by the manufacturers as a Dead on Arrival (DOA) unit.

Definition of a Dead On Arrival (DOA) Unit

Dead on Arrival refers to a new, never-opened product that is faulty when it arrives at the end user. This means that the laptop is not operable when you start it or it fails due to factory configured hardware, software, or firmware problem(s).

NOTE: To receive a new, replacement laptop, you must submit a claim within 3 working days after you discover the fault. This applies only to faults which occur within 7 days from the laptop’s date of delivery.

How to lodge a DOA Claim

If your issue falls under the above definition, send an email to uctlaptop@studentedge.co.za and include these details:

  • Name of Student
  • Student Number
  • Serial Number of Laptop (find this on a label at the bottom of the laptop)
  • Mobile Number
  • Delivery note / Proof of delivery

A case number will be assigned to you and the laptop will be collected from you at the original delivery address. A technician will review the issue and fix it if possible.

If it cannot be fixed, it will be confirmed as DOA. You will then be provided with written confirmation authorising a new replacement laptop. The supplier will send this to you within 3 working days of their reviewing the original laptop.

Who should log the claim?

As the recipient of the laptop, you should log the claim yourself.

NOTE: The courier company must be able to contact you for collection purposes.

How can you check the status of a claim?

You can email uctlaptop@studentedge.co.za referencing the original case number you were provided. Alternatively, contact the support desk on 010 023 0006.

What do you need to do prior to collection?

You must keep the original box and packaging. Place the laptop, charger, and original contents into the box with the packaging. A waybill number will be issued to you for reference. If collection does not take place within 5 working days, please email uctlaptop@studentedge.co.za with their case number or waybill number.

What if the device is not a DOA unit?

Should the device be assessed and found to not be a DOA case, it will be sent back to the you and you will need to return the machine, complete with the original packaging, cables, manuals, and delivery note. You will return these items to one of the following warranty service centres for evaluation:

PartServe Channel Support (Pty) Ltd
16 Milkyway Ave
Linbro Business Park
Tel: +27 (0)861 727 727
Fax: +27 (0)11 201-7999
Email: csteam@partserve.co.za

PartServe Channel Support (Pty) Ltd
Unit 16 Island Business Park
23 Flanders Drive
Mount Edgecombe
Tel: +27 (0)31 502 3290
Email: dbn@partserve.co.za

PartServe Channel Support (Pty) Ltd
Unit 1, Brandwag Park
Tel: (051) 433 1687 / 3487
Fax (051) 433 1863
Email: blm@partserve.co.za

PartServe Channel Support (Pty) Ltd
80 Hurd Street
Newton Park
Port Elizabeth
Tel: (041) 365-0371 / 0831
Fax: (041) 364-0652
Email: pe@partserve.co.za

PartServe Channel Support (Pty) Ltd
Unit 2, Central Park
Platinum Crescent
Montague Gardens
Cape Town
Tel: +27 (0)21 555 4419
Fax: +27 (0)21 551-6020
Email: ct@partserve.co.za

More information about PartServe repairs:


PartServe will attempt to diagnose and resolve the described fault on the unit. If the issue can be resolved without the use of spare parts or a customer replaceable part, such as a battery or AC adapter, the machine will be repaired and returned to you.