Applicable to

  • Applies to UCT staff members who are wanting to organise/facilitate/present a UCT online/remote event.
  • May apply to attendees of UCT online/remote events.

When to use

Note: Due to the additional planning, time and know-how needed to organise a Microsoft Teams live event, they should only be used when meetings would not suffice. For a cross comparison of meetings and live events, see: meetings vs live events vs webinars.

  • Use when needing to organise and produce an online/remote event using Microsoft Teams and when Microsoft Teams meetings would not suffice.
  • Use when wanting to know a more recommended approach to organising and attending live events at UCT.


Teams live events are designed for presentation style meetings, where most attendees are “view only”. With this version of Teams, up to 10,000 attendees can join the event, but can only participate via text-based Q&A. The standard live event mode allows multiple, virtual presenters who can share audio, webcams and their screens to present content.

Note: There are some limitations to presenter controls, and all invitations must be sent prior to the meeting start time (i.e. attendees cannot be added during the meeting yet).


  • Process/workflow: 

  1. Request a live event via ServiceNow

  2. Plan a live event

  3. Schedule a live event

  4. Invite attendees

  5. Produce and present your live event

  6. Manage interactions

  7. Manage the recording and reports


  • In live events:

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