Upon arrival at UCT, staff and students are provisioned with an email account.

UCT staff, postdoctoral fellows and those third parties who are entitled to an email account have a preferredname.surname@uct.ac.za email address. Undergraduate, masters and doctoral students have a studentnumber@myuct.ac.za email address.

UCT retirees may choose to keep their UCT mailbox for life, while UCT graduates are automatically provisioned with a name.surname@alumni.uct.ac.za email address.

UCT’s mail servers are hosted on the cloud-based email system, Office 365, but all end-user administration and support is still managed by ICTS.

Email for staff

Staff and postdoctoral fellows use Outlook as their email and calendaring system
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Email for students

All UCT students are provisioned with a 100GB mailbox on the myUCT online email platform
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Email for retirees

UCT retirees have the option to continue using their UCT preferredname.surname@uct.ac.za email address for life via Outlook Web App
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Email for alumni

All students who graduate from UCT are automatically provisioned with an alumni email address, name.surname@alumni.uct.ac.za
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This online email management tool manages spam and phishing at UCT
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Mailing lists

Use a mailing list to send a single email message to a group of people
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UCT internet calendars

iCal is a standard internet calendar format that enables you to create and share electronic calendars
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Send large files up to 100GB via the FileSender web-based service
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