SAP accounting

Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing – better known as SAP – is a world famous Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Organisations running SAP can effectively integrate all of their business activities, making all business transactions accessible to the relevant people – without duplication of data in separate systems. This allows for more efficient business processes. 

UCT uses SAP to manage many areas of the university – including budget management, financial reporting, procurement, asset management and human resources. For more information, see SAP modules in use at UCT.

Getting access to SAP

Only authorised individuals may use SAP. To gain access to the system, follow this process:

  1. Log a call to get the SAP icon loaded onto your computer.
  2. If your finance manager has not already applied for your access, complete this online form.
  3. The SAP Finance Helpdesk will inform you when you are booked for SAP training. Make sure you attend all sessions. Along with a general foundation course, you will also receive training specific to your role and responsibilities.
  4. After completing training, the ICTS Systems Access team will send you your SAP username and initial password.(Note: This is not the same as your UCT network username and password.)

Be careful with your SAP credentials

Your SAP username and password gives you responsibility for real data and/or funds. You are responsible for all transactions performed against your username, so keep your logon credentials safe and don’t ever share them with anyone else. If you share your credentials, you violate UCT’s Account and Password Management policy and you could face disciplinary measures.

Get help

Before seeking assistance, check the SAP online help site for information about your issue (Access to SAP | General SAP help). If you still need help: