ICTS is upgrading the phones in UCT classrooms to enhance the academic experience. Between 26th September and 20th October 2023, the existing Polycom SoundPoint IP 330 phones will be replaced by more advanced Polycom CCX400 phones. The new phones provide better functionality and convenience for academic staff, simplifying access to classroom support.

Why the change?

The existing Polycom SoundPoint IP 330 phones reached the end of their operational life, prompting a need to adapt to the evolving landscape of communication and collaboration tools. To ensure access to the best available tools, ICTS will switch to the MS Teams Polycom CCX400 phones. This strategic move allows ICTS to mitigate the potential impact of future changes to supported phone models, given that the new phones are not subject to End of Support Life.

This investment in advanced phones underscores ICTS's commitment to technology advancement and equipping the institution with the necessary tools for success.

Phone features and their functionality

Unlike the current phones, which operate with keypads, the newer phones are more modern, offering full touchscreen capabilities and a more intuitive user experience.

To help you navigate these user-friendly phones, the guide below describes the phone features and a step-by-step process for using them.

Phones features

The phones in the classrooms are configured for outgoing calls to three essential services, and the contacts are pre-saved on the phone for your convenience.

  • Classroom Support Services (CSS): CSS provides reactive support, such as equipment repairs. The team also provides proactive support to prevent technical issues that could disrupt lectures. In addition, CSS maintains a pool of spare equipment for quick replacements or repairs.

  • Campus Protection Services (CPS): CPS responds swiftly to security concerns. They handle unauthorised access, address safety hazards, and assist in emergencies, providing vital support to maintain a safe learning environment.
  • Properties & Services (P&S) Maintenance: P&S Maintenance responds to maintenance of facility-related issues that may impact teaching sessions.

How to make calls

Option 1

1.      To initiate a call, tap one of the available pre-saved contacts on the phone without lifting the handset receiver.

2.      Pick up the handset receiver to start your call. 

3.      To end the call, press the red 'End Call' icon at the bottom of the touchscreen.


Option 2

1.      Lift the handset receiver. The dial pad will appear. 

2.      Close the dial pad by clicking the X icon in the upper left-hand corner.

3.      To start the call, tap one of the pre-saved contacts you wish to dial.  

4.      To end the call, place the handset receiver back in its cradle.

Please note:

  • These phones can only make outgoing calls to the three services mentioned above. They cannot dial any other UCT or non-UCT numbers.

  • These phones cannot receive incoming calls.

If you have any questions or require assistance with these new phones, please contact ICTS: