Website Layout

  • Is the balance on the home page evenly divided into text, images and white space?
  • Are the elements on the home page well organized and easy / intuitive to use?
  • Is the most important information on your screen above the fold?
  • Is the home page appealing to your target audience?
  • Are all the most important parts of the site are accessible from the home page?
  • Is there a clear statement of the purpose of the site which the visitor can see within a few seconds?
  • Are the colours used harmonious and logically related?
  • Are navigation, search and other static elements consistently used throughout the site?


  • Is the main navigation simple to use and intuitive?
  • Are the most important elements listed in the main navigation?
  • Is it readable – i.e. is the text big enough and clear enough to see easily?
  • Is the search function easily visible?
  • Are your in-copy links worded descriptively so they give a clear indication of where they will take the visitor?
  • Is there a clear indication on every page of the visitor’s current location?
  • Is there a clear link to the home page on every page?
  • Does your website follow the accessibility profile for disability?


  • Is the website copy concise but useful?
  • Does the writing style adhere to the style guide and speak to the target audience?
  • Within articles, are there links to more detailed explanations of subjects, or definitions of jargon terms?