A new Windows 10 feature update – version 20H2 – will be released at UCT on Monday 26th April 2021. The update includes performance improvements, enterprise features, and quality enhancements.

Whether you’re working on campus or remotely, you need to upgrade Windows 10 on your UCT computer on that day or soon thereafter.

What do I need to do?

  1. Connect to the UCT network:
    I’m working on campus I’m working remotely
    The update is automatically installed when you connect to the UCT network. Please connect to the UCT VPN service to allow the update to proceed. 
  2. Once you’re connected, the update downloads in the background, so you can continue working.
    NOTE: The download speed depends on your internet connection, so it may take a significant amount of time. If you’re working remotely, we recommend that you stay connected to the VPN until you are notified that the installation is complete (see step 4 below).
  3. Once downloaded, the update is installed in the background. This process could take up to an hour.
  4. Your computer needs to be restarted once the installation is completed. Monitor the installation progress by clicking the Windows Start button 
    > Settings > Update & Security. You can either restart it immediately, or schedule the restart for a more convenient time:
    • Click the Start button.
    • Search for Schedule restart then select Schedule your restart.
    • Select the date and time to restart your computer.

For those using UCT-provided mobile data

If you are using UCT-provided mobile data, you may be concerned about the size of the update depleting your existing bundle. Please note that the UCT mobile data contracts include night time data for the month. This ranges from 20GB to 80GB depending on your department. 

The night time data is separate from the anytime allocation (which is typically used in the daytime), and it becomes active between midnight and 5:59 a.m. daily.

So, to avoid cutting into the normal daytime UCT data allocation, we advise that those using data please run the update overnight.

To do so, simply start the process (i.e. connect to VPN) at midnight, and then let the update run during those hours up until 5:59 a.m.

Following this advice will reduce the need for requesting additional data top-ups. Depending on your current Windows version, the installation file could range from less than 100MB in size if your device is already up-to-date (Windows 10 2004) to 3.5GB if you're on an older version like 1909 or 1903. The maximum amount of data you will need is about 5GB.

For those using their own WiFi, you may, of course run, the update at any time.

Connect to VPN monthly to keep Windows updated

In addition to this major update, smaller Windows updates are released monthly. Before releasing these to UCT users, ICTS first tests these to ensure that they don’t cause issues in our environment.

We therefore ask you connect to the UCT VPN at least once a month to stay updated. This also keeps your UCT Windows licence active.

Need help?

Should you have any queries or need assistance with the process, please contact the IT Helpdesk by logging a call online, sending an email to icts-helpdesk@uct.ac.za, or calling us on (021) 650-4500.