ICTS has a number of old network switches, access points, and network cabinets for sale. These are available for personal purchase and is available to UCT staff members, students, as well as the general public.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the items listed below, please contact Samantha.Marumisa@uct.ac.za.

Cisco switches

Product Code Product Description Price
WS-C2950-24TT-L-V02 Catalyst 2950 24 10/100 +2 1000BT LAN Base Image – Non-POE R150 each
WS-C2960-24TT-L-V02 Catalyst 2960 24 10/100 +2 1000BT LAN Base Image – Non-POE R200 each

Cisco cabinets

Rack size With keys Without keys Total Price
6U 1 2 3 R150 each
9U 7 7 14 R150 each
12U 2 4 6 R250 each
15U 1   1 R250 each

Cisco wireless access points

Model Total available Price
1041 496 R100 each
1141 38 R100 each
1602 214 R100 each

No guarantees or warranties

NOTE: The items are sold voetstoots, so no guarantees or warranties of any nature are made regarding the condition or quality of the items. Further, ICTS will not be liable for any defects – patent, latent, or otherwise – nor for any damage occasioned to or suffered as a result of possible defects.