Anyone with a user account on the UCT network may create or request that a mailing list be created for their use.

Create a mailing list

You can create your own mailing list using Microsoft 365 Groups.

Alternatively, log a call with the IT Helpdesk and provide the following information:

  • Name of the list you wish to create.
  • Email address of the list owner.
  • Email addresses of members.

The list owner will be informed once the list has been created.  

Who is responsible for the mailing list?

If you requested the creation of a list, you will be deemed as the owner of the list unless you have specified another list owner. The list owner, and not ICTS, is responsible for administering and maintaining the list.

Add or remove members

You manage your groups directly in Outlook following these instructions. These instructions may be used to add and remove internal as well as external members.

Unsubscribe from a mailing list

You can leave a group by following these instructions.

Join a mailing list

You can join a group via Outlook or directly from an email you receive from a group you're not a part of.

Keep unwanted people from joining your list

Groups are private by default. Upon creating a group, owners can make it public, but will need to manually change this privacy setting.

A group owner will need to give permission for anyone to join a group that is not currently a member.

Make a mailing list public

Group owners can change the privacy settings to make a group public upon creation.

Manage subscription requests

List administrators and moderators are automatically notified daily of pending administrative requests (i.e. subscription requests). By default, if approval is required for subscription, an email is immediately sent to the list administrators and moderators for each subscription request.

Enable the mailing list's archive of posts

All emails sent via the group are automatically saved in the group's mailbox.

Contact the list owner or the list moderators directly

Right click on the group in Outlook. Click the dropdown menu on the right side of the screen to view the list of members. The list owner's name will always be listed first. You can then email the individual directly with your query.

Set up your mailing list(s) to send appointment requests

Each group has their own calendar, which can be used to schedule group meetings and events.