If you’ll be spending time at UCT for official business, you’ll need to be registered as a third party in order to access UCT facilities.

Apply to become a third party

To become a third party, a UCT department needs to sponsor you.

  1. Fill out your personal and access details on a BAS03a form.
  2. Give the form to the sponsoring department and ask them to register you on the Third Party System.
  3. Once the process is complete, the system will send you your third party number and further instructions.

What to do once you arrive at UCT

Get your third party access card

The card will only be activated 24 hours later, so don’t use it until this period has lapsed.

If you need an access card, take your third party number and your ID book / passport to Access Control on upper campus. Here, you will pose for an ID photo then receive your third party access card.

Get physical access to buildings/doors

24 hours after receiving your third party card, you can use your card to get access to the relevant locations on campus (i.e. buildings and rooms that you need to go to). To access a location:

  1. Find the proximity reader (a black box) outside the relevant building / door.
  2. Hold your card over the proximity reader until the door is released.
Get access to parking
  1. Ask your sponsoring department what colour parking bay you are entitled to park in. 
  2. Complete a TA01 form and send it to the Traffic Office (Geological Sciences Extension Building, Upper Campus).
  3. The Traffic Office will email you when your parking disc is ready for collection.
  4. Collect your disc and attach it in a visible position of your vehicle’s front windscreen. 
  5. When you’re on campus, park only in the marked bays matching the colour of your parking disc.
Get access to the library
  1. Confirm that your sponsoring department has applied for you to get library access.
  2. Complete a Letter of Introduction and ask your sponsoring department HOD to sign it.
  3. Take the form and your third party access card to the relevant UCT library.
  4. The librarian will capture your details on the library system.
  5. You can now access the specified library services based on your role.
Get access to the UCT network, internet or email access

If you're entitled to these facilities, a network account will be created for you automatically and your temporary access details will be sent to you.

The temporary password that is assigned to your account will be sent to you.

Using this password, you can connect to the UCT network, connect to the internet and access your UCT email.Your temporary password expires soon after first use, so you must change it immediately after you first log on to the network. Use Password Self-Service to update your contact details and to change your temporary password. Thereafter, your password can be changed as often as you like.

Get help

For assistance with access to different UCT facilities, contact your sponsoring department.

For assistance with IT related issues: