What is voicemail? 


If someone phones your office number when you’re not available to answer, the caller can leave a voice message for you. UCT’s voicemail system stores the message and you can access it at your convenience later on.

How do you know that you've missed a call or that you have voicemail?

Missed calls

On your IP phone’s display, a text message will indicate missed call(s).

  1. Press  to see Missed Calls
  2. Scroll and select a missed call. 
  3. Press  to select. Scroll down to see time of call. 
  4. Press Dial to call the number.

If the caller left a message, a red light will flash at the top of your phone. In Outlook, you will also receive an email notification of the missed call and voicemail.

Once you read this message, the voicemail will be marked as ‘read’.

Access your voicemail

You can access your voicemail in one of these ways:

  1. Open the notification delivered to your UCT email address. The email includes the voicemail message.
  2. In Skype for Business, navigate to
     Phone then look at the VOICE MAIL section:
    • Hover over the relevant caller’s icon
      , then from the resulting options, click

    • Click
       See Voice Mail Options > Call Voice Mail. Wait for the voice prompts, then click
       Call Controls and select the option to listen to voice mail.

Transcripts included

Whenever you receive a voicemail message in your email inbox, the audio file will be accompanied by a transcript of the voice message. The transcript is generated using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, and as such, it may not be completely accurate. Various factors influence the technology's ability to pick up the caller's words – including how quickly the speaker talks, the type of language used (e.g. technical or unusual words), the caller's accent, and background noise.

As the technology evolves, we expect that the transcript accuracy will improve.

However, if you receive a transcript that concerns you, please inform us so that we can investigate.

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