Why do I need to update my information?

The White Pages serves as UCT’s centralised directory of staff and postdoctoral fellows' contact information. For the service to remain effective, it’s essential that each staff member and postdoctoral fellow’s details remain accurate so that people looking for UCT staff members, postdoctoral fellows and departments can get in touch. That’s why you need to update the information whenever your details change.

Can I provide my own photo for the White Pages?

The photo that is used for the White Pages is the same photo used on your staff/student card. You cannot replace it with another photograph, but you can choose not to display it by updating your profile.

I have selected "Hide my mobile number", but the number is still visible. How can I change this?
  1. Repeat the search for your surname.
  2. Click on your name to open your card.
  3. Check if your mobile number is visible or not.
  4. If it is still visible, then log a call:
I'm on the ground floor in my building. Why is this level 2 in the White Pages? 

The White Pages uses the Properties & Services floor numbering convention - with the lowest floor being level 1. Thus, if your building has a basement, the basement is level 1 and ground floor will be level 2.

I have updated my information via the White Pages. How long will it take before that information becomes available to all other systems, including the White Pages?
  • Location information updated via the White Pages is available to downstream systems almost immediately.
  • Personal information updated via the White Pages becomes available to downstream systems on a scheduled basis. Thus, it could take up to an hour for the information to be available via the identity vault to these systems.
How do I get a trader listed on the on-campus traders list?

You can log a call providing the trader’s name and contact details.

My name is listed twice in the White Pages. What can I do?

There are two possible reasons why your name appears twice.

  1. You may have two staff/student numbers (either both recorded in SAP or one in SAP and one in the Third Party system). It is possible that both these numbers are valid, but if you believe that there is an error, please log a call with the IT Helpdesk.
  2. A Directory Manager may have included you as a staff member or postdoctoral fellow in their department if you have a professional relationship with that department. You would therefore have a primary association with one department, and a secondary association with another. If your secondary association is an error, please log a call with the IT Helpdesk. 
I have left UCT, but my name still shows in the White Pages. How do I remove it?

When you leave UCT, you should automatically be removed from the White Pages. If this is not the case, please log a call with the IT Helpdesk.