Calls are charged to your department

When you make an outgoing call from your phone, the call details are logged and the cost is charged back to your department where applicable. Internal UCT calls (i.e. UCT extension to UCT extension) are not charged, however, calls to non-UCT numbers are charged for.

The log records the date and time of the call, its duration, the originating extension and the number dialled.

For the latest prices, see Phone charges at UCT.

Your department receives a Call Summary Report each month, which details these call logs. Alternatively, you can view your own call records via UCT's phone billing system.

What kind of calls can I make?

There are various “Traffic Classes” which determine the kinds of calls you can make:

  • Internal calls only (i.e. calls to UCT extensions)
  • Local calls
  • Cellular calls
  • National calls
  • International calls

When you apply for your UCT phone, your application will specify which classes you may use – i.e. your dialling plan.

If you need to make once-off calls outside of your dialling plan, you can make a private call. However, if you need to permanently change your dialling plan, log a call with the IT Helpdesk.

Private calls

If you want to make a private call – which won’t be charged to your department – use a Telkom World Call Card. Buy these cards from vending machines on campus or shops outside UCT (see website for details).

To use the card:

  1. From any UCT phone, dial 8059 or 0, followed by 10136.
  2. Follow the voice prompts.

The cost of the call will be deducted from the card. Your calling information will be kept private – i.e. the UCT call log won’t record the cost of the call, nor number you call. It will simply record the number of times people in your department have dialled the access code (8059 or 10136).

Enquiries and changes

For enquiries or to update your fund number, contact Ethel Lakay. Note that if you need a detailed call report, please get approval from your HOD first.