When you host a conference or event on campus, there are a number of aspects to consider: venue booking, accommodation for guests, transport, parking, WiFi, audio-visual facilities and more.

ICTS covers the IT elements of the event, but because you’ll need to work with various other departments, it’s best to work through UCT’s Conference Management Centre.

Work with the UCT Conference Management Centre

Contact the UCT Conference Management Centre to get things started. The centre will discuss your requirements with you, help you to fill out the relevant application forms, then make all the necessary arrangements for your conference.

Available IT services and support

When planning your event, consider the range of IT services and support available to you:

WiFi and internet connectivity for delegates and presenters

Individuals coming from eduroam-affiliated universities can use their own username and password (from their home institution) to log on to eduroam. For other delegates, you can sponsor their access to the UCT Guest WiFi service.

Data projectors

Many classrooms include at least one data projector. The projector displays visuals from a number of inputs – such as a fixed PC in the room, a presenter’s own laptop, or a document camera in the room.

Search the Classroom Information Database to find out which rooms include data projectors.

If you want to use the data projector, you need to include it in the requirements during the venue booking process.

Fixed PC for presenters (or the ability for a presenter to use their own laptop)

Many classrooms include a fixed PC, which is connected to the internet and includes standard software such as MS Office. Alternatively, where input ports are provided, the presenter may plug their own laptop in and have the visuals projected to the big screen(s).

Search the Classroom Information Database to find out which rooms include a fixed PC and laptop input ports.

If you need to use the fixed PC, make sure that you've included it in your venue requirements while booking the classroom.

Microphones and sound projection facilities

For voice projection and playing media, classrooms include lapel microphones and sound systems. Some classrooms also include hearing loops to assist hearing-impaired delegates.

Search the Classroom Information Database to find out which rooms include these facilities.

To get access to the microphone and sound projection facilities, include these as requirements when booking your venue.

Document cameras

Many classrooms include a document camera – the modern -version of an overhead projector. Document cameras can project both flat objects (transparencies, paper) and 3D objects, with zooming and lighting functionality also available. Some document cameras also include more advanced features, such as annotation functions and capturing of stills or live video.

Search the Classroom Information Database to find out which rooms include a document camera.

If you want to use the document camera, include it in your list of requirements during the venue booking process.

Live audio and visual link-ups to other locations

ICTS offers a range of video conferencing options which may be suited to your particular event. The easiest option to set up is Teams.

However, if none of these options work for your event, simply use your laptop to connect to the other location via another service. You can then project the laptop’s live video and audio using the lecture theatre’s projectors and sound facilities.

For the best connection, use the network cable to connect your laptop to the network.

Audio-visual recording of events

Some lecture theatres are equipped with lecture recording equipment, enabling you to record the presentations as they happen. The service is currently free, but may be chargeable at a later stage.

To record events:

  1. Contact CILT in advance to discuss whether the recording capabilities meet your requirements.
  2. If you’d like to proceed, complete a request to record a special event.
Computing labs

If you need your delegates to work on computers, ensure that your booking includes one of UCT’s student computing labs.

Onsite technical support

ICTS consultants remain onsite during your event to assist with setting up and resolve any technical problems that may arise.

Onsite support is sometimes mandatory for an event. Consult the CSS request form for details. Please fill out the form using Adobe Reader. Do not fill it out in your web browser.

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