Windows is the dominant operating system in use at UCT. We offer advice and support on installing and using software, getting set up to the network and Internet, protecting your computer with anti-virus and security patches and updates, using email and printing. We also offer free and site-licenced software for your Windows machine, which is accessible from the ICTS Downloads page.

Keep your Windows machine safe

Anti-virus: You must install an anti-virus program and ensure that it is updated daily. If you are working on a UCT machine, Trellix anti-virus will be installed and will automatically update every day. To check that you have Trellix installed, follow these instructions. The UCT site licence also allows you to install Trellix on a personally-owned machine for as long as you work or study at UCT. You will find it on the ICTS Downloads page.

Patches and updates: All computers are susceptible to attack from hackers and malware. To protect against this, developers regularly release patches and updates. On your UCT machine, you will need to install and connect to UCT's automatic Windows System Update Service (WSUS). Once installed, your machine will prompt you to install updates regularly. Make sure you install updates and restart your machine whenever you are prompted to do so.

Get connected

Eduroam: Staff and students can connect to the eduroam wireless network on campus and at hundreds of eduroam-subscribed universities worldwide. Either configure your connection manually, or use the Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT) to easily and securely set up your eduroam connection.

Network: Most UCT-owned and purchased computers are pre-installed with the Novell client. If the Novell client is not installed on your machine, you can either log a call online, email the IT Helpdesk (, or download it from the ICTS Downloads page.


UCT makes available a wide range of software via site licenses or open source. All this is available from the ICTS Downloads page.

Windows: Microsoft Windows software is provided to staff under a site license agreement. Log a call with the IT Helpdesk for assistance with installation.

Office: All staff and students are entitled to download and use Office 365. Staff may install the software on up to 15 devices (5 PCs. 5 tablets and 5 phones) and students on up to 5 devices. Office 365 has all the features and functionality of Office 2013.

Get support

To get support or help with your Windows machine, please contact the IT Helpdesk by logging an online call sending an email to or calling (021) 650-4500.