Be a good eduroam citizen

The eduroam wireless service is available across all UCT campuses, giving UCT staff and students, and visitors from other academic institutions secure, convenient internet access on laptops, smart phones and tablets.

However, you need to be responsible when accessing this service:

  • Limit the number of devices you connect: You may connect up to 5 devices to the network simultaneously.
  • Use the internet responsibly and in moderation: We monitor individual bandwidth usage, so use the internet responsibly for study, research and work-related purposes. Remember that you are bound by the UCT policy and rules on internet and email use.
  • Abide by eduroam policies: Read the eduroam National Policy for South Africa.
  • Do not share your UCT username and password: Doing so is a violation of UCT's password policy, and can compromise your data and the UCT network. It can also result in people connecting multiple devices to eduroam under your name – which can result in you losing access to eduroam.

Your access to eduroam will be denied if you violate policy

Using automated monitoring systems, UCT monitors and regulates the eduroam environment on campus. If you concurrently connect more than 5 devices to eduroam, you violate the UCT guidelines and compromise the WiFi performance for yourself and everyone around you.

In such cases:

  1. We will send you an email alerting you of the violation. You then have two days to change your password and reduce the number of devices you connect to eduroam.
  2. If you fail to respond within that grace period, we will revoke your access to eduroam. You will still be able to access the UCT network and the Internet via a wired connection (i.e. network cable plugged into your device), but you won't be able to access eduroam until you take the following remedial steps: