Student computing labs are situated across campus in faculty buildings and in some student residences. Lab Administrators together with Assistant Lab Administrators and Lab Assistants, manage lab bookings, assist the faculty staff and students where necessary and ensure that the lab rules are followed.

ICTS manages the labs that are listed below and you can contact the Lab Administrator using the details provided. Other labs on campus are managed by the faculty or department themselves.

Click on the lab link to find out more about opening times and the specialised software available in the lab.

Please view the current COVID-19 restrictions in place for student computing labs.


Contact person

Who can use it?

Lab location

Health Sciences student computing labs

Garth Hector
Level 1, Anatomy Building
021 650 6728/6729

All Health Sciences students as well as students taking courses in the Health Sciences Faculty.

Anatomy Building and Health Sciences library, Medical School

Engineering & Built Environment (EBE) Student Computing Labs

Theo Armstrong
Room 5.36, Level 5, Menzies Building
021 650 3464

The Red and Red Extension labs are primarily for Engineering teaching classes.

5th Floor, Menzies Building

The Green lab is a discretionary use lab, but gives preference to teaching.

3rd Floor, Menzies Building

ChemEng lab is for Chemical Engineering undergraduate students only.

Basement level, New ChemEng Building

Elec-Mech lab is open to Mechanical Engineering, Electrical-Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics students.

Electrical Mechanical Engineering Building

MechEng design Lab is only open to Mechanical Engineering students.

Menzies Building

EBE - CAD and Studio Labs, City Planning and Landscape Architecture Labs

Hilton Kannemeyer

Room 2.11.2, Cadlab,  level 2, Centlivres Building
021 650 2184

Undergraduate Architecture Lab is dedicated to undergraduate Architecture students.

Centlivres Building

Studio Lab 3 may only be used by fifth-year postgraduate students.

Studio Lab 4 may only be used by sixth-year postgraduate students.

Planning Lab may only be used by Masters students.

CEM Lab may only be used by Construction Economics Management students.

1st floor, New Snape Building


Gerhard Mohamed
Scilab D, Ground Floor, PD Hahn Building
021 650 4472

Sci Lab D and Annex is mainly used by the Department of Statistics.

Ground Floor, Computer Science Building

Sci Lab A and B are mainly used by the Computer Science Department.

Oceanography Department, Fourth Floor, RW James Building

Sci Lab C is mainly used by the Departments of Chemistry, Botany and Molecular & Cell Biology.

Statistics Department, Room 1.14, Ground Floor, PD Hahn Building

Residence Labs

Lee-Ann Smith
Room 1.09, Baxter SLC
021 650 4126

The Baxter Student Learning Centre may be accessed by all UCT students.
In other residence labs use is restricted to students residing in that residence.

  • Baxter Student Learning Centre
  • Clarinus Lab
  • Forest Hill Lab
  • Liesbeeck Lab
  • Obz Square Lab
  • Rochester Lab