The UCT network underpins the university’s teaching, research and administration activities. It provides internet access and a host of other services to the UCT community. Upper, middle and medical campuses, the residence network and UCT’s data centres are connected via a Local Area Network (LAN). Remote sites, such as Hiddingh campus, connect to the UCT network via SANReN.

Rules for using the network

When you arrive at UCT, your department or faculty will have completed the processes needed to provision you with a network account. As a network user, you need to abide by the following UCT policies:

Your username and password

Initially, you will be assigned a default password. Use this password the first time you log in, but change it as soon as possible because it will only be valid for a limited period. Read more about managing your UCT password.

Required settings for connecting to the network

Before connecting to the network, ensure that your computer complies with the settings listed below. This applies if you’re new at UCT, and also if you’re an existing user introducing a new computer onto the network.

If you’re using a UCT-owned computer, these settings should already be configured.

  1. Security:
    Ensure that your computer is set to automatically receive all relevant updates and patches.
  2. Anti-virus:
    Make sure that you have an anti-virus package installed and that you keep it updated regularly. UCT staff and students can install and use McAfee anti-virus free of charge.
  3. Browser settings:
    The browser's proxy configuration tells the browser where to look for its connection to the web. At UCT, your browser configuration depends on the type of device you are using and whether you use it in a UCT residence. Consult the internet access decision table to find out how to configure your browser.
  4. Network Access Control (for wired devices only):
    For both security and compliance purposes, Network Access Control (NAC) is being introduced across the university. It is a requirement which ensures that every device connecting to our network via cable is authenticated and that the user or device owner can be identified by their UCT network account. By 24th October 2023, please configure your wired device to work with NAC.

Connect to network drives

UCT hosts several network drives – such as an individual F: drive (personal storage space for each staff member and student) and the departmental G: drive (storage space for each department).

  • Students:
    Access these drives by logging on to the network from a student lab on campus. Or if you want to use your own computer, access the drives via NetStorage.
  • Staff members and third parties:
    If you don’t want a permanent connection to the network drives, use NetStorage. But if you will be accessing network drives often, follow the instructions for your operating system:

Get support

If you're in a residence, please contact your Residence IT representative.