What is the maximum number of participants that can be added to a Teams event?

Teams’ meetings can accommodate up to1000 participants on a call, while Teams live events are limited to  10,000 attendees. Webinars can also accommodate up to 1000 interactive participants and be broadcasted to an additional 10 000 individuals.

Microsoft Teams Meeting

Ideal for real-time collaboration and conversation between a group of peers. Attendees can display their video, create a whiteboard, or share content. Meeting invitations can be sent to individuals or groups of people directly in Microsoft Teams, or via Outlook.

Due to the various attendee participation tools available, Teams Meetings are best suited for smaller, collaborative efforts, rather than a structured one-to-many presentation.

Teams webinars

Ideal for conferences or large events as it has the same functionality as Teams meetings. Organisers can also set up event registration and provide an event overview as well as speakers.

Teams live events

Designed for presentation-style meetings, where most attendees may “view only”. Attendees are sent a link to join the event, but can only participate via text-based Q&A. The standard live event mode allows multiple virtual presenters to share audio, webcams and their screens to present content. There are some limitations to presenter controls, and all presenters must be invited before the event starts as no individuals can be added while the event is underway.

You can either set up your own live event, or request that ICTS assists.

Can I make my event public so that attendees don’t require Microsoft Teams to join?

Yes, as the event organiser you can create a public event, which will allow anyone with the link to the join online. This also ensures that attendees don’t have to install Microsoft Teams to participate.

What should I do if I am the producer and cannot queue speakers or make a presenter live?

Leave the event and then re-join. If the problem persists, log a live events fault representative assisting with the event.

If you’re a Mac user, ensure that you have the latest versions of Microsoft Teams and your operating system installed.

What do I need to do if I want to invite external speakers to a live event?

If they’re part of an organisation that uses Microsoft Teams, use their standard email address when inviting them. Should you experience any issues, we recommend that you rather create a third-party account by logging a call with the IT Helpdesk.

How do I ensure that my event goes well?

We highly recommend that you do a dry run a day or two prior to the event. This will allow you and the speakers to become familiar with the technology and understand who will do what.

On the day, join the live event 30 minutes prior to its start to ensure that everything is correctly set-up and to do a final tech check.

Why won’t Microsoft Teams allow me to share my presentation?

There are three ways to share your presentation.

  • Desktop allows you to display your full screen and any applications.
  • Window only displays a selected application window. It will not show any another application even if you open it after you’ve already selected the window you would like to display.
  • PowerPoint lets you share a presentation you have open or recently used. Alternatively, you can select one via the Browse feature (pptxes on Teams or Onedrive are allowed).

Should the problem persist, please contact the IT support representative assisting with the live event.

How do I control who can join an event?

When planning your event, it is important to decide then already who your targeted audience will be and what restrictions should be in place.

What must I do if my connection drops?

Internet connectivity can drop at any time for numerous reasons.

If you’re a presenter or producer, then join via the meeting invitation that was previously sent to you. Remember that you need to join via the desktop client and not the web.

If you’re an attendee, simply click the event link that was sent to you.

When do I need to join via the desktop client VS my web browsers?

Due to limited controls for managing a live event in the Teams online version, all producers, moderators and presenters must join via the desktop client.

Attendees can either join via the client, mobile app or the web browser.

What should we do if we accidently stop a live event?

Unfortunately, you cannot restart a live event. You will therefore need to create a new live event and send attendees the updated link.

Can I display images before a live event or when a presenter does not have video enabled?

It is recommended displaying an image or holding slide a few minutes before a live event starts. This can assure attendees that they’re at the correct place.

These slides can also be used for speakers who don’t have video capabilities, or if a speaker experiences any issues while presenting.

Design these slides ahead of time, because a well-designed graphic makes the event look professional.

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